Technical Specifications
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The SmoothCool HR System was developed to decrease treatment time by using High Peak Energy up to 65J/cm2 over an increased spot size of 5cm2. Providing Fast, Effective hairremoval that is safe and comfortable.

The Intelligent Contact Cooling System minimizes pain and discomfort. This increases the safety of treatment by only emitting a pulse when the specified skin temperature is sensed through the handpiece sapphire filter.


Advantages of SmoothCool

  • High – Peak Power
  • The most advanced Cooling Technology
  • Faster treatment
  • The deepest penetration of light energy


The SmoothCool treats a wide range of skin conditions such as:

Photo Facial, Acne, Vascular Lesions, Pigmented Lesions, Sun Damaged Skin,
Large Pores, Rosacea Telangiectasia, Slight Wrinkles, Brown Spots, Freckles
and Hair Removal.


High-Peak : Powerful Energy

Only 1 shot is enough to destroy the hair in the Anagen stage of the hair growth cycle. Thia is possible by Subzero Cooling and High-Peak energy irradiation that reduces the loss of energy through the skin.

Peak Energy
Penetration Test by Different Peak Power
[Test method] Insert the hair between 5layers of 1㎜ ham and emit one pulse at the same Energy, Pulse Width and Peak Power in order to observe the the protein denaturation of the hair. [Left Side - effect of low peak power. - ]. The Smooth Cool using higher peak power
at the same energy level shows much deeper penetration and more damage to the hair [Right Side - effect of high peak power].
Deep Energy
ATC™ Technology
  • ATC Technology? : Automatic Temperature Controller
  • The temperature monitor of the hand-piece reads the skin surface temperature automatically and maintains it under 4℃ during emission. This unique safety mechanism helps to prevent unwanted side effects such as a burn to the skin.
Depth of Penetration

Product Demonstration Video