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GFRTM (Grid Fractional Radio frequency TM)

Real time Impedance Feedback system

Optimizing Treatment Tip

System Features  
IntraGen GFRTM  Technology  
  • GFRTM (Grid Fractional Radio frequency TM)
  • Grid  fractional radio frequency energy creates thermal grid shapes on epidermis and thermal uniform zone in upper dermis during RF emission.


  RF Emission Grid shaped heating on
Epidermis Thermal uniform
zone in upper dermis.
  • The IntraGen system includes a 6 MHz generator that delivers RF energy through a sophisticated treatment tip.
  • The IntraGen tip at the end of the IntraGen handpiece treats on the selected epidermal area.
  • Grid  fractional radio frequency energy creates thermal grid shapes on the epidermis and thermal uniform zone in the upper dermis during RF emission


Mechanism : Early Effect + Secondary effect  

  • Early effect: Immediate collagen contraction
  • Heated to the correct temperature over time may cause the breakage of intramolecular hydrogen bonds and induce immediate tissue tightening
  • The chains fold and assume a more stable configuration, creating thickening and shortening of the collagen fibers which is filling more volume than the native molecule.
  • Secondary effect : Collagen remodeling, tightening over time
  • Heated fibroblasts may be stimulated to produce collagen
  • Increased collagen Ⅰ deposition
  • Dermal remodeling is thought to occur fibroblast activation and  new collagen deposition
Real time Impedance Feedback system

Radio Frequency energy in the skin occurs thermal energy(Joule) because the heat is generated by tissue's natural resistance to the movement of electrons within RF field.
The light is effected by absorption rate and creates thermal energy in the area where there are more pigment. However, heating value of Radio Frequency is effected by impedance value which is influencing from the tissue formation, the fibro structure, the substance between tissues, the tissue moistured content and the tissue temperature in the skin

  • Thermal energy is varied by impedance value.
  • In high impedance, thermal energy is low because the current is not properly flowing in the skin
  • Different thermal energy by impedance makes different clinical result because heating value leading thermal coagulation and thermal damage changes.
Optimizing Treatment Tip

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