Clean Precision Laser Beam - High-Peak Power

This is the latest evolution of the fractional laser pulse.
Edge Fractional produces high-peak power for sustained periods.
The Edge Pulse ablates tissue very quickly leaving a narrow controlled zone of thermal damage, reducing patient pain and downtime.

More Precise, More Safe

The Edge Pulse of Edge ONE conveys energy to the target depth of the skin and can generate a very narrow ablation zone to form the extent of thermal diffusion limited to the surrounding tissue.

Limited area of thermal diffusion reduces the pain at the time of treatment.

A variety of spot sizes

Focused spot size of 120 um, and wide coverage of 800 um with fast wound healing time using various beam patterns.
• Flexible approach to various application.

• Prevent heat diffusion to surrounding normal tissues by managing space between each micro laser beam.


Fractional Mode

Support treating localized skin lesion and tissue incision with a Surgical Tip.

CW / Single / Repeat / Ultra mode

Product Demonstration Video


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