Ability to treat lesions regardless shape or size.
Pinpoint, to the mm accurate.

Freezing Power

Ability to reach the bottom of the lesion very quickly.
No treatment hinder of ice crystals on top of the lesions.

Freezing Temperature

Cool enough to realize a rapid freeze without scarring.
Freeze, thaw and freeze cycle in one treatment.

Benefits Of The CryoProbe
•The CryoProbe™ easily adapts to very lesion regardless of shape or size.

•The unit is accurate to the mm and treats only abnormal tissue, avoiding collateral damage to  adjacent healthy tissue.

•The patient will only experience minor discomfort , allows longer and deeper freeze for more effective results.

•No anesthesia, little to no pre-operative skin preparation or post-operative care is needed.

•Physician is in control over the procedure, all the time.

•Innovative concept for easy integration in daily practice.
Before and After